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school valentines Valentine's Day

I have a 4 year old who is going on a strong two year love for all things play dough. It's her first year of preschool, play doh valentines were inevitable. These are so sweet and have been such a hit in the shop this year! I included fun, bright colorful stripes to coordinate with the popular play doh colors and a sweet personalized signature on the bottom. So how does this work? 

Well, I intentionally designed these with an option to cut out the circle in the middle or leave as is. If you leave as is you can easily use as a tag and hole punch/tie on or directly staple to a play dough filled favor bag. Because if you have a large set of these to do - cutting out dozens of circles may just put you over edge.

If you cut out the circles in the middle you can use scissors or I found it easiest to use an x-acto knife, something like this one.  After the center is cut insert the one ounce, favor sized, play doh jars (sold at party stores, Target, Joanns, online). I intentionally sized it so it is a slightly snug fit and doesn't slide out easily. Try to push the tag all the way though so it sits snugly directly below the lid.

Play doh valentine cards are in the shop - linked here! 

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